indre sorokaite vadove 61acf9da007cf
Indrė Sorokaitė

Academy's founder

"Be the best version of yourself everyday!"

egle meigiene administratore
Eglė Meigienė

Deputy Director/Administrator

"Don't go forward, means to make a step back""

indre gulbiniene trenere
Indrė Gulbinienė

Head Coach U12

"No one will beat you until you give up"

robertas malinovskij fizinio parengimo treneris
Robertas Malinovskij

Physical training coach

"Sooner or later, one way or another, patience and purposeful work pay off. It's important not to be afraid to take the first step."

goda liaudnaskiene
Goda Liaudanskienė

Administrator/Team manager

alanas silkinas
Alanas Silkinas

Head coach U14/16

"Athlete's trust, respect and results are the best rewards for coaches"

greta folmer
Greta Folmer

Head Coach U18

"The harder the victory, the greater the happiness of winning"

The staff of the Academy is in direct contact with its members and their parents: we want to be the best role model for the young athletes in our Academy. We believe that behavior, enthusiasm and focus are the foundations of education. At the academy, we develop a victorious mentality that is not only related to training and sports, but also to school results. We are interested in the academic performances results and encourage them to be fully successful.

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